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custom 3d action figures

mobile 3d photo booth

Best 3d Wedding Cake Toppers in Ottawa

  • Hand-finished with love and great attention to details for best performance
3D Photo booth

Scanning time!

Contact us to book a topping session. Visit our studio at Downtown Ottawa. Choose a pose for scanning and the desired size of printing.
Wedding Cake Topper

Be the cherry on your Wedding Cake.

Make your cake as unique and generic as possible. The best way to do it is to have yourself and your loved one on top of it.
CakeTopper In a Dome

Perfect keepsake.

The personalized wedding cake topper will be the reminder of your special day long after you and your guests finish the cake itself.

print yourself in 3D

Get your 3D selfie printed - it is a truly unique gift for you or those you love. It will keep memories of the day, which will never repeat. Keeping the memory in 3d is so much cooler than simple photos.

  • Full color figurine
  • Copper plated sculpture
  • Full color figurine
  • Copper plated sculpture
  • Full color figurine
  • Copper plated sculpture

3D scanning booth

Entertain your guests differently.

Level up your events with the first in Ottawa mobile 3D photo booth.

  • weddings
  • corporate events
  • convocation ceremonies
  • contests
  • costume shows
  • graduations
3D Scanning booth

Discover fully portable 3D booth

We can scan hundreds of people a day. It takes just a fraction of a second to scan a person. Try out the very new entertainment idea in Ottawa. It is so much more refreshing than a regular photo booth.

Let your event be the talk of the crowd

Make any event exciting and unforgettable by engaging your guests in a fabulous 3D scanning process and demonstrating the possibilities of 3D scanning / 3D printing technologies.
3D rotating model

Benefits for your guests

Every scanned person will get their 3D digital models free. The models are sharable through social media and are an excellent way of remembering the event.


Ottawa ComicCon Show

date When
September 11-13, 2020 11 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
location Where
EY Center, 4899 Uplands Dr, Ottawa, ON, K1V 2N6

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At each of these events we have scanned hundreds of people.
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