Try 3D Photo Booth! A Fresh Entertaining Idea.

The real 3D photo booth with 100+ cameras.

Boost your events to the next dimension with our cutting edge 3D photo booth
360 rotating model

Discover the first in Ottawa 3D photo booth.

Our 3D booth is challenging the regular event entertainment options available in Ottawa. Discover the new way for amazing your guests and keep them speaking about the event after it finished. We will help you to upgrade your event to another dimension..
3D Events.
The futuristic design of the 3D Avatar photo booth attracts the attention of everyone around, even at the stage of setting it up. People are guessing what this "teleportation rig" is about and what is the outcome of that. They impatiently wait to see it in action. The focus peaks even more with every shot of our 3D Avatar scanning booth when the bright light occurs around a person for less than a second. That is all the time needed to get a person 3D Scanned. The time is all we need to make a full 3D scan of a person, and be ready to scan the next person. After just a couple of shots, surprised and intrigued, people start approaching with many questions. It becomes clear that choosing 3D Avatar Scanning Booth for event entertainment was the right choice.

3D Avatar Scanning booth is changing the event entertainment standards.

The majority of corporate events, weddings, and other parties often have regular photo booths at their events. We want to compare our 3d photo booth with the standard choice though it is complicated as both the process and the outcome are very different.

Regular photo booth

  • The outcome is the regular photo that is not changing for many years. The same result everyone can quickly achieve using a simple mobile phone that everyone has.
  • Few images kept till the end of the event and even less for a week.
  • The only thing it brings in is fun and does not much of a help for remembering the event itself.

3D Avatar photo booth:

  • Has 102 cameras that meant to capture form every possible angle
  • The outcome is 3D model rotatable and shareable on social media,
  • 3D Scanning booth provides an element of surprise, interest and fun.
  • The possibility to print yourself and have it on the shelf or in a glass dome. For much longer.
  • It affects the guests with technological developments and allows remembering the event itself.

3D Avatar Photo Booth Features

Our 3D booth is built from ground up for events only and is a state-of-the-art technological scanning system with hundreds of built-in sensors.


The work of our scanning system based on photogrammetry. Using our proprietary workflow, we stitch hundreds of images together and based on photos overlapping, we and reconstruct the 3d model of a person.


We designed and created the Scanning booth fully portable. It can set up at any venue within 30 minutes. The time to take it down is only 15 minutes.

Lighting system

A proprietary solution of structured light is completely safe for the eyes and allows getting much better results.


As the scanning speed is just a half of a second, it allows capturing 40 scans per hour including, the registration of every scanned person.

Wide Scanning area

The scanning area allows capturing several people at once. The scanning area, combined with the scanning speed, can ideally capture up to 150 people an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up the 3D scanning booth?

We usually require 60-90 minutes to set everything up: the scanner and the onsite 3D exhibition. The scanner take-down time is about 30-60 minutes.

Are there additional charges for the guests?

The prices mentioned in rental packages include the rental of scanning booth and free digital models for your guests. We will be charging your guests for the physical 3D prints once they place the order.

If the scanning light is harmful to the eyes?

The light we use is safe for the eyes. We do not use any laser in our scanning processes.

Are you able to travel to an event in Montreal with 3D scanning booth?

Yes, but we will charge you 400 CAD more for the service.

What will the guests of the event get?

Every scanned guest will get his / her / their 3D digital model - rotatable and shareable on social media. The booth rental price includes the 3d model preparation cost. Your guests will get the same number of digital models as the number of scans they have got. There is no limit on the number of scans one can have.