Return policy is about reprinting a figurine. | 3D Avatar

Return Policy

Since the products that 3D Avatar produces are uniquely personalized and are made exclusively for you this affects the return, refund and exchange policies.


Our figurines are not a subject to return. All sales are FINAL. As the production process starts immediately after the order is placed we do not allow cancellations AFTER the order is submitted.


Although, we do not provide refunds we will do a reprint if there is a notable fault in the print or if it has been damaged upon delivery. If you are not happy about the product, please notify us within 24 hours upon pick-up or delivery of the product. All requests will be subject to a per model evaluation.

We do offer the refunds for gift cards, as the gift card itself has no impact on the production process.

We do not provide any refund on downloadable products.


We do not accept exchanges as the figurine printed for you cannot be satisfactory to anybody else.

Please note that our products are custom art. These products may be non-edible. Thinner parts of the model are extremely fragile. Model color tones may vary. The products should not be exposed to strong humidity, frost, high heat or sunlight to prevent fading and other harmful effects. Due to the nature of this form of art we cannot be held responsible for model breakage or damage once the product has been picked-up by the client or client representative and we are not notified of any issue within 48 hours.