About 3D Avatar, Cake Toppers, 3D Photo Booth in Ottawa.


Welcome to 3D Avatar


Our Mission

We crave to share our passion for 3D technology, and our goal is to make accessible the beauty that it brings to our lives. We have mastered personalized 3D art techniques of the highest quality level. We utilize exclusive technological solutions to create a masterpiece copy of you and those you care about because we believe that there is nothing more unique than you!

What We Do

We help you to capture a moment in 3D.
• The way you and your significant other looked at the Wedding Day,
• the way your child smiles,
• the day when your son graduated,
• the 50th anniversary of your parents’ marriage…
the occasions are endless, but that moment is one in a lifetime.

Our Products

3D Full-Color Figurines

Whether it is a topper for your wedding cake or a statue of your nearest and dearest, not only does it make a perfect gift, but also it replicates an unforgettable moment captured in 3D in full color. A memorial that stays with you for decades. The statues make perfect decor for your home or office if put inside a beautiful dom. We take time with all our customers to make sure they get the perfect 3D replicas of themselves and their beloved ones. We also have experience scanning pets; the only requirement is to stay still for a fraction of a second!

3D Plated Sculptures

In case you are looking for some special appreciation gift, for such occasions as career growth of your colleague, retirement present, a gift for your boss, or if you like to make it luxury, we got you covered! Check out our collection of plated sculptures of human busts, profiles, and faces framed by the highest quality wooden plaques. We assure you that this gift will be remembered long after and will be one of a king in a lifetime. To create plated sculptures, we use a high-resolution hand-held scanner that provides the most accuracy to capture every facial expression. The session usually takes about 20 mins depending on the specifics of the posture.

Personalized Night Lights from Photos

To make your gift to be a total surprise but still be unique and personalized, we are offering custom Night Lights made from your photos. Those night lights are not only exceptional and deeply personal but also will light up your evenings with warm memories

Additional Services

3D photo booth rental

To make your event more memorable, we are offering services that will put you out of the crowd.

We provide renting services for our mobile MoScan 3D photo booth, to help you create a lifetime experience for all your guests who will get their 3D digital models sharable on social media. Whether it is a wedding or a birthday party, or a corporate event we will help you to amaze your guests.

Coin-Striking rental

To provide a fun and unique activity to your guests and not let them leave empty-handed, we are offering Coin-Striking service. You can request a customized design or writing for your coins or choose from the variety of our pre-made offerings.