Mini-Me 3D Cake Toppers make a cake Truly Unique. Try it!

Custom cake toppers for weddings, birthdays, graduations.

At 3D Avatar, we make the personalized unique cake toppers ever achievable right now.
Happy birthday cake topper

5 Characteristics of Perfect Wedding Cake Toppers

Indisputably, the finishing touch on any wedding cake is the topper. This seemingly simple addition to your confectionary masterpiece is an essential part of not only your wedding cake but the entire ceremony.
Check the below attributes defining an ideal topper for your cake.

1. Adds Personality

A unique wedding cake topper should not compromise what you can find and what best reflects yourself. You are the center point of the wedding ceremony and so does the topping on the wedding cake. It should express your style and personality, tell your own love story.

2. Romantic & Fun

A wedding cake is a sweet symphony of your love, and a topping is a heartfelt addition to it. A personalised wedding cake topper will make a cute romantic statement and bring a smile to your guests’ faces.
Wedding Cake Toppers

3. Matching decor

No matter what style you choose for your wedding cake, make sure the topper size proportionally matches it, and the colours reflect your wedding theme. The elegant cake topper should add a luxurious touch to the cake and the special day as a whole.

4. Made to Last

Your wedding cake topper should be just like your love, last for a lifetime! A beautiful keepsake of the wedding lives long beyond the last slice of the cake itself and is talked about long after. A musterpiece that you can display in your home to be cherished forever and remind you of the special day.

5. Displays creativity

It is about branding your event. The personalized wedding cake topper is a very creative detail and it adds an additional layer of romance, sparkle and glamour to the wedding reception.

Best Cake Topper Ideas

The unique cake toppers are a beautiful decoration for any event. And be sure you will be keeping it further on. The topper ideas from 3D Avatar limited with your imagination only.
Sport Cake Topper
Sport Cake Toppers
If you or your kid is doing a hockey, is a fan that visits every game of his/her beloved team, then I guess the answer to the best cake decor is obvious.
Uniform Cake Toppers
Uniform Cake Toppers
Surprise your guests by having you as a cake topper dressed in the uniform of your work like a police officer, firefighter or else. Isn't it the best cake topper?
Graduation Cake Toppers
Graduation Cake Topper
All your hard work has paid off, and you’ve reached your graduation. Your achievement deserves remembrance with 3d printed graduation figurine.
60 Anniversary Cake Topper
Anniversary cake topper
Celebrate 50, 60 or any other anniversary by having a truе reproduction of the day hero atop of a cake.

3D Avatar provides the next level of personalization to the cake toppers.

We will help you say goodbye to:

  • Faceless cake toppers produced in hundreds and can be seen at many other events as well.
  • A topper that barely will make it through the first month will be seen less and less with every month, and you will be looking at it once in a while during the occasional finding when doing the house cleaning.
  • Hardly will be spoken of not only after the event but on the event day as well.

And you say hello to:

  • A unique cake topper that produced only in a single example.
  • Symbol of love that will always be in front of your eyes at a fireplace or a shelf in a nice glass dome.
  • Multiple variations of your perfect cake topper. Make a bunch of scans, see the digital models, and choose to print the one you like most.
* Price includes two models and one joint or two separate scanning sessions. Models are processed with considerable attention to the details and have an acrylic base that is safe for food contact.
* Book a scanning session over the phone (613 262 2617) or email
* Visit our studio at 204 Dalhouise Street, Ottawa
* Approve your model
* Enjoy your topper within 2-3 weeks.
Testimonial: "Our cake topper was one of the first things I put a deposit down for! I stumbled across one of the mini-me versions, and loved the idea of putting our own bits and pieces on it. I just loved the idea and it really appealed to me. Is it expensive? Yes, it is expensive, but in my opinion is worth it, just as the cake, photographer, and welcome drinks are!"

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3D cake toppers made of?

The 3d cake toppers are made of sandstone. It's like a finely powdered gypsum porcelain. The material should not be moisturized, and for serving it as a cake topper, we use an acrylic base for food security and its protection from getting wet.

How long is the process for getting my 3d cake topper?

Overall it takes about 3-4 weeks: Appointment can be set within a couple of days, 2-3 weeks for production processes, 2-3 days for delivery. Urgent orders can be prepared within two weeks.

How to prepare for the 3D scanning session?

Our scanner is a photorealistic full-body 3D scanner, and we capture the person as is, so please make sure that your wedding dress/suit or any other outfit you want to be ready for scanning session, and bring it with you to our office. We have a comfortable changing room onsite.

What does the scanning process involve?

After you arrive, we will register your name and email in our system. Once you are ready to be scanned, you step inside the 3D booth, pose and hold it for 1 second only. The scanning process is speedy, and you are not required to stand still for a longer time. And this is it! You also will be able to access your preliminary 3D model when logged into your account at our website and share it through social media. Our 3D sculptors then process the raw files. The 3D model then gets printed, packed, and shipped to you.

Can you make a cake topper from the photos?

Yes, we can. We need several photos and our digital designers will sculpt it from the scratch. There will be an additional fee depending on the complexity of the job.