3D Printed Art Sculptures Plated in Metals.
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3D U-Art sculptures

Art inspired by you

Custom art is no longer a long and expensive process. We use the world’s finest tools and techniques to create an exact and highly detailed replica of a person.
Custom Sculptures
Sculptures have always been an expression of great significance, power, and beauty. They aimed to impress the viewer. Sculpting considered one of the most expensive and time-consuming forms of art. With the help of the recent 3D technologies, it became possible to create a person's replica down to the finest details and make that type of art accessible to everyone. 3D avatar utilizes the world-class hand-held scanner to create a highly unique and extremely detailed masterpiece representing yourself, coated with a choice of a metal finish. We call it U-Art. The scanning process of a person takes minutes, and the final product takes about two weeks to be ready.

Sculpture options


We offer plated sculptures in a variety of shapes:

- U-Art: Pearl / Wave / Question mark

- Classical reproductions: Face, Profile, Bust

- Standart shape: Full body
  • U-Art Pearl
    U-Art Pearl
  • U-Art Wave
    U-Art Wave
  • U-Art Question
    U-Art Question
  • Classical reproduction Face
  • Classical reproduction Profile
  • Classical reproduction Bust
  • Full Body plated sculpture
    Full Body


A carefully selected variety of metal finishes allows the sculptures to be presented in antique look, or with precious metals։
- Antique copper
- Bright nickel
- Antique bright nickel
- Black nickel
- Rhodium
- Gold
  • 3D Sculpture plated in Antique copper
    Antique Copper
  • 3D Sculpture plated in Bright nickel
    Bright Nickel
  • 3D Sculpture plated in Antique Bright Nickel
    Antique Bright Nickel
  • 3D Sculpture plated in Black Nickel
    Black Nickel
  • 3D Sculpture plated in Rhodium
  • 3D Sculpture plated in Gold


The variety of quality addons will make your plated sculptures look extremely impressive.
For desktop displays, we offer satin and high-gloss piano finish bases, glass domes, and acrylic displays.
Our amazing high gloss piano finish wall plaques look perfectly fine with U-Art, Face, Profile shapes.
  • Glass dome addon
    Glass Dome
  • Acrylic display addon
    Acrylic Display
  • High Gloss Piano finish Plaque addon
    High Gloss Plaque
  • Satin base for figurines
    Satin Base
  • High gloss base for Sculptures
    High Gloss Plaque

3D Art Sculptures Price Builder

This tool provides you a price for the desired combination of shape, size, finish, and addons. Every person is different and requires a one-on-one approach for making the right sculpture, plate it in right metal for having its best look. For all shapes (except full body), we will use our high precision hand-held scanner and work with you to make your sculpture look exceptional. For making your sculptures contact us via email or phone.
3D Model Preview
  • Shape:
  • Size:
  • Finishing:
  • Add-ons:
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Hand Scanner

Hand scanner Number of people to scan Suitable applications Price Space Requirements Scanning time Turnaround time
Eva hand scanner 1-10 people Any shape - Full color and plated $100 session + $49 each person scanned Indoor, 6x6 sq.ft. 2 min scanning + 20 min processing 14 days for 3d prints

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Woman bust in gold

Frequently Asked Questions

How to take care of plated sculptures?

If you need to clean dust, we recommend using a dry, soft cloth. The protective varnish can be scratched if rubbed with something sharp, even fingernail.

What material a plated sculpture is made of?

It is made of liquid resing. After curing, it reminds of plastic, and if remained under direct sunlight for a long time may crack, however, the protective coat of metal finish protects the cured liquid resin. It will preserve the figurine for a tenth of years.

How should I pose?

With plated items, we have more possibilities for printing and strengthening thin parts than with full-color figurines. During the plating process, an additional coat of metal applied to the 3D prints, which makes it more durable and robust.