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The most customized and unique cake topper that can possibly be.
360 rotating model

Wedding Cake Toppers

Make your wedding cake the talk of the crowd, by having a realistic reproduction of a happy couple standing on top of it.

Cake toppers have long been a traditional feature of a wedding cake, but only now it became possible to have it realy personalized and unique.

1. Book a scanning session
2. Enjoy your cake topper on the wedding day
3. Keep your couple figurine for many years to come
Cake with Cake Topper

3d Cake topper prices

Full-color figurine sizes 4" 5" 6" 7" 8"
full-color figurine 99 CAD 165 CAD 249 CAD
size-4 inch
249 CAD
size-6 inch
389 CAD
size-8 inch
549 CAD
* Price includes two models and one joint or two separate scanning sessions. Models are processed with the greater attention to the details and have acrylic base that is safe for contacts with the cake.
Testimonial: "The figurine is lifelike and lifetime memory, a keepsake for us"

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to order a 3D Cake Topper?

Whether it is a wedding, birthday, graduation or any other special occasion, you can order a 3D Cake Topper for your cake by booking an appointment with us by filling in the form provided in the website or calling us directly. We will schedule a visit to our office. Please check contact for the details.

How to prepare for the 3D scanning session?

Our scanner is a photorealistic full-body 3D scanner and we capture the person as is, so, please make sure that you have your wedding dress/suit or any other outfit you want to be scanned in ready, and bring it with you to our office. We have a comfortable changin room onsite.

What does the scanning process involve and how long does it takes?

After you arrive, we will register your name and email in our system. Then, once you are ready to be scanned, you step inside the 3D booth. Our full-body 3D scanner captures a person in a fraction of a second, so the scanning process is very quick and you are not required to stand still for a longer time. And this is it! At the time of registration you will get an email, notifying that you have been successfully registered in our system, and providing with your login/password combination. The next email will be sent to you within 2 days once your 3D scan is processed. At this point if you login to our system, you will be able to see your preliminary 3D model. It is a rotatable GIF file which is downloadable and shareable in social media. The row files are then processed by our 3D designers. They work on every model to fine tune it and prepare for 3D printing. The 3D model then gets printed, packed and shipped to you.