Empowering events
Boost your events to the next dimension with our cutting edge 3D scanning booth
Full Body 3D Scanning booth
For big events we have developed MoScan fully mobile 3D scanning booth. The booth can be set up at the scene within 30-35 minutes. High capturing speed allows scanning up to 40 people / hour. Together with the scanner we bring 3D mobile museum - absolutely amazing 3D printed samples that demonstrate the variety of shapes, finishes and addons. Our MoScan studio is certified by Electrical Safety Authority. ESA label No S1020285, issued at 23 November 2018.
Hand Scanner
When you do not organize a big event but you have important moments of your life: graduation, special gift that you plan for somebody, you have an artistic ideas that you want to implement, any other reason why you would want to keep the memory of the day, you can invite us for scanning just one or few persons. We will visit you with our world class scanner and work with you 101 to make the right figurine or plated sculpture that would suit your mode.
Rental Options
  • Hand scanner
  • MoScan 3D scanning booth
  • Number of people to scan
  • 1-10 people
  • 100+ people
  • Suitable applications
  • Faces, Busts, Full bodies
  • Busts, Full bodies
  • Price
  • 100$ session + 49$ each person scanned
  • 850$ for 3 hours, 199$ each additional hour
  • Space Requirements
  • 6 x 6 sq.ft.
  • 10 x 15 sq.ft.
  • Scanning time
  • 2 min scanning + 20 min processing
  • 1 second
  • Turnaround time
  • 14 days for 3d prints
  • Free 3d models provided with 2 days, and 14 business days for 3d prints
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is requied to set up the 3D booth for scanning?
3D booth can be assembled on the scene within 30-35 minutes to be ready for scanning. We also require about 30 minutes to display 3D figurines and sculptures Dismentling takes about 20 mintues. Hand scanner requires couple minutes to get ready for scanning. However recommended operating temperature for the 3D scanner is +15°С to +35°С / 59 F to 95 F
Are there additional charges for the guests?
The prices mentioned at the table above include the service of scanning booth and completely free digital models for your guests. However if any guest would like to 3d print himself / herself, they will be charged additionally based on their choice of figurine or plated sculpture.
If the scanning light is harmful to eyes?
No it is not harmful at all. In both full body scanner and hand scanner we do not use any kind of laser. It is simply structured light that we use, which is absolutely safe for eyes.