Have yourself 3D printed in
in full-color, full-body and preferred size.

Surprise yourself and others around you.

Full-color figurine

Three dimensional memories and unique gifts.

It is all about memories

Some moments or events will never repeat. Scan and 3D print yourself and those you love to keep the memory of the special day.

Stop the moment.

We all want to keep the memories of our children at their sweetest age. We can easily assist you with that.

Truly unique

Think of the gifts that you got within past years. Do you remember many of them? 3D selfie gift is the one you will remember for a long time.

Figurine options

Scanned with 3D booth


The 3D scanning booth is best suitable for full-color full-body figurines. Smaller areas like bust, head, face, profile or hands can be scanned with high resolution hand scanner.
Scanned with hand scanner
Glass dome


Default addon that we offer is the white circular base. However, our 3D avatars are best seen if they are displayed in glass domes. The glass domes sizes correspond to the sizes of the 3D figurines.
Acrylic display

full-color figurine prices

Full-color figurine sizes 4" 5" 6" 7" 8"
full-color figurine 99 CAD 129 CAD 165 CAD 207 CAD 249 CAD
size-4 inch
99 CAD
size-5 inch
129 CAD
size-6 inch
165 CAD
size-7 inch
207 CAD
size-8 inch
249 CAD
* Price depends on number of people in scan and the volume of print.

Unique 3d gift ideas

3D figurine gallery
3D figurine gallery
3D figurine gallery
Costumed Show
3D figurine gallery
3D figurine gallery
Spidermen competition
3D figurine gallery
Wedding Gift

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the figurines made of?

The figurines are made of sandstone. It's like a finely powdered gypsum porcelain. The material is not meant to be moisturised, so if it is to be served as a cake topper, we use acrylic base for the figurines to protect them from getting wet.

What should I wear?

If you are being scanned with the Full-Body Scanner, you can wear clothes of any colour. The only things we avoid to scan are glasses and hanging earrings. Transparent clothes will not be transparent when printed. If you are being scanned with a hand scanner there are some limitations: transparent clothes as well as single colour clothes should be avoided. Clothes with bright colors, large patterns and textures work the best.

If I see some imperfections on my scan will they appear on printed figurine?

No, the scan imperfections will not appear on your figurine. Before 3D printing your scan, our digital sculptors work on it thoroughly, removing any imperfections, smoothing it, fixing colours and texture issues if required.

How fragile are the figurines and what to do if it broke?

The full color figurines are quite fragile, however it is easy to restore it by gluing the broken parts together with super glue, or krazy glue available at any Walmart super center.

Does the price of the figurine change depending on number of people being scanned?

Yes, the price is related to the number of people in a single scan and volume of the print. The price of two adults will be higher than the price of an adult with a child. As 3D printing two people requires twice as much material, and twice as much digital sculpting compared to a single person's scan.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do, however we will charge additional amount for the transportation to the country of your choice.

How should I pose?

You can pose anyway you want, however some poses are not recommended for small sizes, as thin parts are quite fragile and will be broken during production process. Avoid having separate fingers sticking out, better keep the fingers together or attached to a body.

Can I print the digital model that you send me?

The file that we send you cannot be 3D printed. You may obtain two different kinds of files from us: 1. Raw files (stl, or obj), 2. Print ready files (stl or obj). Additional fees will apply.

Are there 3D scanning and 3D printing limitations?

There are limitations: glasses, hanging earrings, and thin, sharp parts. The sandstone material is fragile and the thin parts can be easily broken. However the thin, sharp parts can be printed for plating, as the metal coating will make the thin parts thicker and stronger.

Do you offer discounts for copies?

Yes, we do offer 20% discount for identical copies of the same product, shape, material, finish and size.